Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Our trip to Austin was just AWESOME!  The engagement shoot with Haley & Nathan in San Marcos was such a blast!  We spent the whole day just hanging out and taking pictures in a town we'd never been to and eating some dang good catfish and homemade french fries.  Then it was on to Austin...  We arrived and everyone kept saying "It's going to rain!".  So, they decided to move the wedding indoors.  But Megan (the super brave bride that she is) said, "NO!".  She was determined rain or shine they were getting married outside in the Wildflower Gardens.  And who could blame her?  It was beautiful there!  So, we went from rainy day to beautiful, blue skys right before the ceremony started.  The dinner outside was perfect, and then during the reception the storms came down... HARD!  And this Austin group made the most out of it and turned it into one of the best things we've ever seen happen at a wedding.  They pointed the PA speakers to the open doors, turned up "Footloose" full blast, and ran out into the pouring rainstorm barefoot and danced their boo-tays off.  Parents, friends, wedding party... they were all in on it...  soaking wet and celebrating an awesome day.  


Carie said...

That lighting shot is amazing! It looks like you all had a ton of fun!

Nathan and Haley said...

We had so much fun at our engagement shoot! Can't wait to see them! Ya'll are awesome.
-Nathan and Haley

Danielle said...

wow those are some of the most amazing wedding photos i've ever seen! i'm so envious you got to go to austin and have fun. so....when ya coming to ny to have fun????