Monday, May 5, 2008

Random Austin Shots.

When we were in Austin, we got to spend part of Friday just wandering around and shooting for no reason.  Which is always fun.  We stopped in a bunch of great shops where we bought stupid things like Bren's scary finger puppet.  You must try a cupcake from Wes' travelin' cupcake stand, hey cupcake!  Go to and check 'em out.  I made mine a whippersnapper (whip cream filled), and I was feeling the sugar rush for the rest of the day.  And if you want to stay somewhere different, check out Austin Motel.  Their sign says it all.  We have a zillion more random Austin shots, so as I go through them I will add some more.  They will leave you chanting "Keep Austin Weird!".  AMEN to that brother.       

1 comment:

Carie said...

Ok that motel sign is to funny!! Brendan....I love the finger puppet!